Designed to allow families, school groups and business professionals to explore how people connect socially through play, the exhibit employs larger-than-life games that invite visitors to become part of the experience. Participants can explore firsthand, social dynamics such as friendship, collaboration, teamwork and empathy
PLAY crosses art, music and playing(obviously) with messages of working together and tolerance because we’re all more similar than we realize.
— Nick Wisniske

With PLAY you’ll think you arrived in a giant playground full of life size games. It offers a fresh way to engage visitors with others, while not only having fun, but also building social awareness and skills. PLAY us what it means to be a friend and to recognize the needs of others.
— The examiner
Just a few minutes after stepping into the “Play!” exhibit at the Institute of Texan Cultures, 14-year-old Daniel Stinson had already figured out the central point of the show. “You need more people with all this,” he said. Precisely, more is achieved when people work together.
— Express news San Antonio
PLAY features giant versions of popular games where visitors literally step into the action. The exhibit is structured to encourage collaboration.
— Entertainment journal