A participatory group experience  

six scenarios inspired on popular salon games work as larger-than-life metaphors for the humaniship principles.

a PROFOUND experience for adults and children alike, so families, school and work groups have fun while learning more about the world’s interconnectedness.

PLAY has travelled to more than 20 cities on North America and is now begging its tour in Europe.



The walk-through:




A giant table game box suggests that there are games inside, as if we are about to open a gift.

The box welcomes us into an imaginary space where we are able to talk about the real one.

PLAY is a metaphor for living life alongside others, who share with us the gift of being born into this world.

Here we are recognized as individuals, so our personality is not as important as our potential.




SEE others in you and yourself in others

A giant dice in the form of a monolith stands in the muddle of the room. The white dots are in fact speakers so the visitor can lean in and listen to proverbs from all around the world.


If ancient proverbs from anywhere in the world work for everybody in the same way, regardless of precedence, we realize that ancient wisdom can have the same meaning for everyone,  so we are all related via a universal thread that weaves across language.




LISTEN to the dialogue

In musical terms, counterpoint happens when a musical motif is answered by a tonal response. This process gives music balance and movement at the same time. The development of this dialogue is what we call melody.

Here a giant backgammon board represents this dialogue as the visitor walks on it. With each step, the motion activates the triangles of the board. They become illuminated and produce a melody that interacts with melodies coming from other players’ actions. As the visitors respond to the actions of others, the melody becomes a polyphonic symphony. 



EXPRESS your ideas and RESPECT the will of the group

Here the visitor enters an enclosed room displaying 8 life-sized soccer players with open faces. Every wall is a mirror, producing the illusion of an endless court filled with countless players.

Visitors can climb into the hollow figures and become a part of the network by observing the panorama and express their voice and then hear the players answer back.



THINK before you act

In the arithmetic of life, added efforts divide problems and multiplied resources subtract needs.

A full set of giant, soft-play dominoes encourages creativity and active play. The effects that our actions can have in our future are easily visualized  when the group creates a domino effect.

Then everyone works together to build buildings, forts, mazes and more to see how character is built with habits.



BE THERE for others and ASK for help

When we face a problem, the possibilities of overcoming it increase if we form a team around us.


You are invited to step over the line (without penalty) and walk down the alley. A synchronized video screen displays each rolling ball smashing into the pins. Symbolically, the pins remain upright as a powerful group, unaffected by the blow of the ball. 



FEEL as part of something bigger than yourself

When we connect with each other, we become elements of a new spontaneous network. What if the human collective behaved as a symbiotic system that is fully capable of experiencing?

Here this system is represented by a pool table surface with a set of nine giant billiard balls visitors can move. Each ball sounds with a melody that interacts with the other balls, synchronizing individual melodies to form a complex composition. 




EXIT with a bang

Two standing dominoes made of actual dominoes flank the exit, daring the visitor to pass through them without touching the delicate plied structure, since the dominoes might fall around them.



Each scenario consists of four elements:


Interactive installations

The visitors interact as a group.

Large format murals

When the individual focuses, patterns emerge.



Science cards

Link to scientific facts expressed artistically and with a pinch of humor.

Text panels

Science and philosophy come together in a poetic way.



After finalizing the experience, kids get a Universal Citizen Passport which also comes in digital form together with the Individual Profile app.

With this they are reminded to continue their experience by self stamping their [passport whenever they act according to what they learned in PLAY using the honor system, but most importantly they are encouraged to pass it on.


PLAY can be experienced in two modalities:



 The visitor walks through the scenarios, reading the panels intuitively. The addition of a Path of thought can facilitate the walk-through.



A facilitator guides the group through the experience in a 50 - 60 minute walk-through where the visitors interact as group.