Imagine an intelligent world where citizens are fully aware of themselves and others, so they participate in an altruist economy based on understanding.

What began as an art project is now a social initiative that provokes thought-based empathy through understanding.

It is also a cultural experiment since its results are taken into account to modify the experience towards the goal. 

It was conceived by I.R.Bach, who aims at creating a ripple effect, one individual at a time.

The initiative's formats can be displayed in public spaces, museums, universities and schools. The ideal deployment of the initiative is by the city with the capacity to impact millions of people simultaneously.



Artist's bio

I.R. Bach (Mexico City 1966) has a solid trajectory as a multidisciplinary artist who integrates diverse media with music and philosophy. His music compositions, scientific speculations and philosophical proposals are expressed and published via his site-specific installations.


Interested in understanding the origin and existence of life and culture, Bach generates artistic circumstances through electronic and conceptual means to evoke reflections about the universe and the human experience. Worked out in the manner of metaphors that transfigure ideas into visual and sonic images, his projects integrate different types of knowledge: scientific, artistic and traditional.


Convinced that the identity of the cosmos is based on duality as in the opposite directions of continua, which oscillates and therefore exists, Bach establishes that culture is characterized by ambiguity, pointing out that, contrary to the certainty that pertains to science, uncertainty belongs to the realm of art.


With the objective of creating alternative ways of thinking, he unbalances common knowledge and stereotype by creating ambiguities, which are themselves rooted in three coordinates: physics, life and culture. By centering each project in a specific coordinate, the artist poses relationships that could be perceived as contradictory. Based on images that belong to current and ancient scientific studies, every day objects, natural elements and traditional forms, his works surprise by pointing out the connection between the ordinary and the extraordinary.


His work is developed in series that focus on seemingly diverse topics, but which form bridges and links between them, so an overall story arc becomes visible. His large scale installations have been displayed in Mexico City’s Zocalo (Contemporary Aztec Gods, 2008), the Chelsea Music Festival in NY, Museo Ex Teresa arte actual and Wynwood walls Miami (Asterismos 2012, 2013), St Catherine Cathedral Eindhoven, Holland, (The foundation 2007), 798 Beijing and San Ildefonso Museum in Mexico City (Holy Randomness 2009, 2010), and the Cervantine festival (The Threshold 2007).


On 2011 I.R: Bach was commissioned by NASA’s Center for Chemical Evolution to elaborate on the origin of life, closely working with the center’s scientific team leaders. He received LACMA's Art & Tech award in 2016, with which he created the project I want to know, opening in LACMA in March 2018.